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Alpha Omega Certification Services wants to be your premier signature certification provider. Whatever your certification needs are, we offer a service to cover them.

We are an Authorized CGC Facilitator able to fulfill all of your comic associated grading needs, from standard “blue label” grading to CGC’s patented “Signature Series” yellow labels. Comics, magazines, original art – CGC has a grading service tailored to each individual. CGC is the world’s largest and most trusted third-party grading service with more than 6 million collectibles certified since 2000.

We also offer Certificates of Authenticity for autographed items of any kind. Whether it’s Pops, props, photos, toys, prints, original art, records/CDs/DVDs…it doesn’t matter! If it can be signed, it can be certified!
Each Certificate of Authenticity is marked by an individually numbered tamper-proof hologram which enables Alpha Omega Certification Service to verify its authenticity and trace the item to the point of origin via our proprietary national data base. Alpha Omega Certification Service offers a unique industry leading triple verification process. This not only guarantees the authenticity of the signature, but prevents fraudulent certificate reproductions.

With over 100 combined years of collecting experience, our team is more than qualified to handle ALL of your certification needs. Big or small, we certify it all. The first and last certification service you’ll ever need!