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Terance Baker is the founder of Independent Creators Connection (ICC) on face book. The ICC group has a nationally published Magazine of the same name for the last 5 years. ICC Magazine has tons, and we mean tons of independent creators showcasing their talents. A comic book artist, writer and publisher, and cosplayer Terance has been active in the Indy community for many years now and has been featured on several newscasts about His creativity.

ICC even hosted 3 of their own conventions. Numerous creators joined the venue to have 3 amazing shows, and even a couple of celebrities from TV attended. Cosplayers, Artists, Writers, Publishers and movie makers also attended the ICCons and it made the news. The ICC started with 20 people in the first week many years ago and today has over 16 thousand members. That says a lot! Terance and James Bethel formed The B Brothers Comics group back in 2012 and have a massive amount of Indy Characters in a shared Universe.

An Army veteran, Husband and Father Terance enjoys All things creative and also a cosplays from time to time as well as a photographer. He also has you tube channels where He and His friends enjoy making movies about their own Indy characters and mainstream parodies as well. Terance has led many comic book collaborations within His groups over the years and continues to do so today. At Deland Collectables Show You can expect Terance to bring His latest Comic Book titles and see Him drawing live in person. He will be giving away something to the kids at His booth as well plus He will be premiering something Brand New at this show. Come on out and See Baker Comics!