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Matt Knowles & Steph Cannon

INSYMMETRY CREATIONS, LLC is the moniker that content creators STEPH CANNON and MATT KNOWLES collectively operate under. The pair has designs on making their mark in as many ways as possible in the industry, having made 35 personal appearances in the 2019 calendar year alone!

They are the creative minds behind the steampunk time travel series HEIRS OF ISILDUR. The most recent story arc ‘The Crossroads Conundrum’ saw 11 issues and a 268-page trade paperback produced, as well as a 12 track metal album (and 3 music videos)!

The pair is also known for the medieval fantasy saga TALES FROM NOCTURNIA. The 3rd issue of the mini-series and the trade paperback hit the crowdfunding wires in July of 2020.

They have had multiple shorts published in anthologies:

+ #HOUSEBOUND “Be Careful What You Wish For” (TFN Prequel)
+ IT CAME OUT ON A WEDNESDAY (#1)(Alterna) ‘HEXED’ (Cannon)
+ CORPUS Anthology “LIGHT REFLECTED” (Cannon)
+ “IF” Anthology (Alterna) “BOGEY” (Cannon)

An HEIRS OF ISILDUR sequel and a follow up metal album are in the works with hopes to be released by the end of 2020 / early 2021.